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Who we are

We are one of the fastest growing and most innovative travel insurance companies in the world. Established in 2000, we've grown to become one of Australia's largest operators and in 2015 we were acquired by the nib group.

Home to a network of market leading and trusted brands, we are an agile company with the strength of a group network and the in-house expertise to develop best in class customer products, services and experiences.

Best of all, we remain traveller obsessed.

Our Capabilities

Traveller services - Emergency Assist

Our customers have peace of mind knowing they can contact our "We Assist" emergency assistance team in Sydney, 24/7.

We go above and beyond to ensure their exeriences and outcomes are positive onces.

Medical experts

45yrs EA management XP - case management experts.

50yrs XP across our in-house medical team (ex nurses, paramedic, 4 ex-international SOS / ex Cover More, insurance industry experience).

Experts in how to assess claims efficiently and fairly.

Customer experience

Our team is highly accessible to travellers who require assistance (with daily check ins for in-patient cases).

We're open to reassessing solutions based on the best course of action for a patient.

Continuous case retros to understand opportunities for imrpoved management & support, country based alerts during major events.

Network reach & capability

Extensive & connected network of global providers (hospitals, chemists, embassies, police, etc).

All on our bespoke tech platform

Relationship with US health insurer, with access to largest network in medical facilities through-out the US.

Ability to quickly provide direction to travellers on complex medical cases.

Cost containment facilities via direct agreements with key providers.

Leveraging the nib network experience

Traveller services - Claims

Our philosophy is to find a way to assist the customer and provide honest and open assessments of their claims. All our claims are assessed within the General Insurance Code of Practice.


Online claims tool (dynamic Q&A) based on the event that has taken place.

Ability to support fast track and complex claims procesing (determined by business rules/requirements)

Customer experience

Each claim allocated to an individual assessor to give the customer one point of contact

+50% claims closed in 30 days

Ability to provide ex-Gratia resolutions

Ability to lodge claims online (accounts for 70% of claims)

4.1/5 for customer satisfaction in our claims process

Trusted expertise

Management experience with c.3yrs tenure

ANZllF accredited training & In house claims masterclass training

Every medical case gets reviewed thoroughly be a doctor or nurse

Traveller services - Customer Support Centre (CSC)

Our award winning in-house CSC provides the highest levels of customer service for both pre & post purchase support.


State of the art cloud-based platforms

  • Telephony
  • Email
  • Chat

Leading fast-track online screening process for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions

Customer experience

Belief in giving travellers choice & providing quick access to our people

Customer-centric metrics with introduction of NPS

Management to key customer and operational reporting SLAs:

  • Average speed of answer
  • Calls abandonment rate
  • Email response times
  • First response resolution
  • Pre-existing underwriting escalations
Trusted expertise

Award winning Contact Centre

Team of experienced staff working across multiple brand policy wordings

CSC volumes and quality are measured and monitored via audits and call management systems

Underwiting & Pricing

Our dedicated team of underwriters help you price and manage risks of all types of travel insurance

Product Development
  • Full life cycle prodjuct development
  • Tailored Products & Plans designed for travellers
Underwriting & Pricing
  • Modular Approach to pricing
  • Pre-existing underwiting multiple channels
  • Bespoke medical screening process
Analytics & Insights
  • Continuous assessment of market and environment dynamics
  • Ongoing performance Insights and monitoring

Contact Us

Bernard O’Sullivan
General Manager – Europe
World Nomads Group
City QuarterLapps QuayCork, Ireland
t +353 21237 8100

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